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The University of Southampton
Getting out and about: using technologies for safer walking


Participative inquiry centralises lived experience in the research in two ways. First, that the research captures the experiences of people for whom the issue under investigation may be altered by the new knowledge generated through the project. It is important that the research engages with people in everyday activities, such as going out walking. Second, that people who have experience are acknowledged as experts who can contribute complementary knowledge to that generated in the research process. In this research, people with dementia and family members were consulted about the design of the research. When the research started, a group of people with dementia and family carers formed an advisory group to advise on the implementation of the project, and to help guide prioritisation of the research findings. Other end users of the research, police, practitioners and technology makers, have also participated to inform the research so that it is as relevant as useful to different groups of users as possible.

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