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Social Statistics and Demography Part of Economic, Social & Political Science Postgraduate study

Hukum Chandra PhD in Social Statistics, 2008

Scientist, India Agricultural Statistics Research Institute

Hukum Chandra's Photo

The Department of Social Statistics and Demography has received the very sad news that our alumnus, Dr Hukum Chandra has passed away in April 2021. He is remembered by our community as a wonderful person, a modest yet very talented statistician, and a great colleague and friend to many of us. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.

The University of Southampton is a totally new experience for me and has met all my expectations in research, academic and daily life.

Q: Why did you choose to study at the University of Southampton?

I chose Southampton to do my PhD in social statistics because of the excellent research reputation of the division. The University of Southampton is a totally new experience for me and has met all my expectations in research, academic and daily life. I have the opportunity to work with several internationally renowned names. My course is helping me to further strengthen my research skills and knowledge.

Q: What did you enjoy about studying at the University of Southampton?

I really enjoy the beautiful campus which is neat and clean city; the supportive and excellent services like the library, Students' Union, International Student Office, and the flexible working hours. I have had opportunities to visit several countries to present my research work. This has enabled me to develop contact with researchers working in different parts of world. The strengths of my division are its excellent academic and research environment, high-quality subject expertise, good research facilities, and helpful and cooperative staff

Q: How have you found life in Southampton?

As a city, Southampton is home to a multicultural population and has a range of facilities to cater for Asian students, including Asian grocery stores and restaurants, reflecting the cuisine of the many nationalities residing in Southampton. I have enjoyed all the social occasions like celebration of Dewali and other festivals. Also, Southampton has nice sunny weather and very good transport links with London and the rest of the UK. I am having a nice time and would encourage other students to come to the UK, and particularly to the University of Southampton to study.

Q: What was it like adapting to life in the UK?

Moving to a foreign country to study can be a daunting experience. But thanks to the welcome extended to international students by the Meet and Greet team at Heathrow airport, this experience is not nearly as daunting as it sounds.

Q: What did you achieve from studying at Southampton?

I was scientist in an Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute in New Delhi before starting my PhD. I was granted study leave to get a higher degree and to strengthen my research skills and knowledge. When I complete my PhD, I will go back to my previous job with the expectation of doing better work in my research career.

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