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The University of Southampton
Digital Learning

Media Production Services

We provide a range of services to the University.  The list below gives a flavour of the work we can do with you.

Our core remit is to produce teaching and blended learning content directly for our students so we do not charge you for this work.

The other work we regularly carry out in support of your research, promotional activities or outreach is charged at £320 per person per day.

Video production

We can work with you to produce engaging and effective video content. We manage the end-to-end process for you from pre-production planning, scripting and consent through to production and post-production.  We can work with you on small or large multi-day, multi-crew projects.

Costs will vary depending on a number of factors which we will identify with you during the scoping process.

The short list below provides rough timings based on past projects that we have completed. Your project may take less or more time depending on your requirements. Delivery times will also vary depending on what other projects we have going. Blended learning projects will require the time of a Learning Designer, this will be added during project scoping stage.

  • Talking heads consist of a person simply talking on camera. They can either look straight into the lens or at someone standing on one side of the camera. We tend to film in 4K resolution which allows us to zoom in and have two/three different shots, making it look like we are using two cameras. (1-2 days)
  •  Talking heads with stock cutaways - we have subscriptions for Videoblocks and iStock photos can add footage and still images from either site. (2-3 days)
  •  Interview with light motion graphics (2-3 days)
  •  Talking heads with tailored b-roll and stock footage for cutaways. This project included bilingual dialogue and subtitles (8 days)

 Find out more about our video production processes.

Animation and motion graphics

Animation requires more time in pre-production than anything else we do. A key part of the project involves working with you to agree the visual storyboards. The creation of the video starts when the storyboard has been perfected and signed off.

The cost for animations vary depending on a number of factors, the examples below will give you a flavour of past projects and approximate times taken:

  • Example 1: 3MT trailer
    • Pre-production - 1 day. This include concept and storyboard
    • Asset creation - 1 day
    • Production - 1.5 days (this was the time spent creating the rough cut and animation)
    • Postproduction - 0.5 days for adding sound effects
  • Example 2: Agincourt motion graphics
    • Pre-production - 0.5 day
    • Asset creation - 0.5 day
    • Production - 2 days (this was the time spent creating the rough cut and animation)
    • Postproduction - 0.5 day (there was additional items to add such as stock footage, etc)
  • Example 3: Greenscreen with animation
    • Pre-production - 1.5 days (this was a long video that required a script)
    • Asset creation - 1.5 days (although we used a lot of stock elements, they still required adjustments for animations)
    • Production - 4 days (there was a proper edit and keying to do before the motion graphics part)
    • Postproduction - no further work on this occasion

Find out more about our animation production process

Articulate Storyline eLearning modules

We create interactive content using Articulate Storyline. Storyline is a very flexible authoring tool and can be hosted on web servers, Edshare and embedded into Blackboard. Types of interactive content can vary in complexity, below are some examples of previous work created by the media team.

  • Example 1: Virtual Skulls lab
    • Pre-production - 2.5 days. This includes concept and storyboard
    • Asset creation - 1.5 days. Video and photo production
    • Production - 10 days. Using Articulate Storyline to create interactive content and testing
    • Post production - 3 days. Video editing
  • Example 2: Laboratory waste stream
    • Pre-production - 1 day. Create storyboard
    • Asset creation - 1 day. Collate and edit photographs
    • Production - 7 days. Using Articulate Storyline to create interactive content
    • Post production - 1 day. Testing and making final adjustments
  • Example 3: Writing and sending emails
    • Pre-production - 1 day. Create storyboard
    • Asset creation - 1 day. Take photographs, record audio, source music
    • Production - 3 days. Using Articulate Storyline to create interactive content and testing

Find out more about our Storyline production process


Interactive images, videos and 360 media

We have recently been developing 360 interactive content and hosting on YouTube and 360 apps such as Thinglink. We have purchased 4 Oculus Go headsets (available for loan), to develop projects for a more immersive experience. 

Here are a few projects we have been involved in.

  • Example 1: Clinical Skills lab
    • Pre-production - 0.5 day. Specifying focal points of image
    • Asset creation - 0.5 day. Can vary dependant on location
    • Production - 1 day. Add hotspots with information and links
    • Post production - 0.5 day. Editing the focal point photos for hotspots
  • Example 2: The New Forest practical
    • Pre-production - 1 day. Breaking down the course into key 'sections'
    • Production - 1 day. Can vary dependant on location
    • Post production - 2 days. Creating the elements with navigations
    • Asset creation - 0.5 day. Editing the focal point photos
  • Example 3: Trauma simulation (Note: this 360 is not IE compatible, please use Chrome to view this resource) 
    • Pre-production - 2 days. Filmed in an active Trauma Department, specific planning needed
    • Production - 0.5 day
    • Post production - 5 days. Interactive elements added, headset functionality and hotspots
    • Asset creation - 1 day. Images and videos creation as add

Find out more about our 360 media process

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