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Script and storyboard example

Script and storyboarding

The pre-production process starts by taking the key content of the video and turn it into a script with visual cues and start planning the style of the video according to your preference and examples you provided.

Normally the script consists of two columns; one side will outline what you see and happens on screen and the other one outlines what you hear at any specific time.

Script and storyboard example
Script and storyboard example

In this example, we have created a header, two columns/boxes and a footer.

If we are planning an interview, the script is more of a guideline to have an idea of the content that needs to be covered (unless it needs to be specific due to the subject matter). We therefore recommend having bullet points that you or any other interviewees can review on the lead up to the filming.

This stage of production is crucial as, in our experience, the more we plan each project the better the final result so take your time in thinking about what you want the outcome to be.

The final version of the script is a team effort - if you have an idea, get in touch and we can help with editing it. You don’t need to have a perfect final version before coming to us - we can help!

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