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Digital Learning

Student Response Systems

Vevox being used in a lecture
Vevox in use

The Digital Learning team has been gathering evidence from pilot projects that use in-class polling to engage students during lectures, especially those with large cohorts. Students are able to vote using their mobile devices and see the results as soon as the poll closes. This gives them instant personal feedback ("did I get it right?") and also enables the tutor to see the cohort's overall response and perhaps adapt their teaching in response. The feedback from staff and students has been very positive; for example over 90% of students agreed it had a positive effect on their learning, and around 70% thought it made the lecture more interesting and gave them useful feedback.

"Awesome app. Should be used for all our lectures! Encourages more discussion for us shy ones?"

The University has been using Turning Point clickers for in-class polling since 2008, but tutors faced practical challenges around borrowing, distributing, collecting and returning these hand-held devices each lecture. With the recent availability of good Wi-Fi in all teaching rooms and the widespread ownership by students of suitable mobile devices, we have been piloting a number of online student response systems.

Following a successful trial, the University licensed Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo). This system also enables students to post questions and comments that the whole class can view and 'like'. This provides a new way for students to interact with the tutor, who can quickly see popular queries and answer them in class or afterwards. It also offers new opportunities for gathering and sharing students' ideas and opinions, with a moderation feature that enables the tutor to filter, select and display the best messages for further discussion.

Further details of the Vevox system, including how to sign up for a licence are available here .

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