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Name: Bill

Age: Classified

When did you start at the university? As a student and part time staff member in 2005, going to full time staff in 2010.

Best thing about your job? The wide variety of work we get involved in. especially all the trips to new ports, such as Plymouth, Falmouth and Lyme Regis.

Worst thing about your job? February – it’s always cold!

Favourite nautical term? SMOKO- the nautical term for tea break

Favourite scientific instrument? Secchi disk – It has no batteries or electronics, it’s just simple and reliable

What would you say is your area of expertise? Physical Oceanography which was my main area of study, but I’m also quite good at steering the boat.

How did you get involved in Marine Science? I had spent many years at sea and wanted a change. I had decided to study and had been exposed to oceanography whilst working in the offshore oil industry. I enrolled on the science foundation year and went on to do a degree in Oceanography at the University of Southampton.

Why do you think Discover Oceanography is a good thing? It’s an opportunity for people who wouldn’t usually get the chance to come out on a boat and get involved in marine science.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to work in marine science? Give it a try- Discover Oceanography will give you an insight to what’s involved.

What’s your best Discover Oceanography memory? The first time we did the Solent Roadshow. It was good to get out and about and showcase Discover Oceanography to a wider audience, many of who would not normally get the chance to participate in the sessions.

What’s your favourite Knot? Emm pass!

What’s your favourite marine creature? Some of the big worms – King Ragworm for example, I like them because I know many other people don’t!

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