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The University of Southampton
Discover Oceanography


Marine Biologist

Name: Rachel Boschen

Age: 22

When did you start at the university? Started my undergraduate degree in September 2008.

Best thing about your job? Working with the public to promote oceanography and marine biology.

Worst thing about your job? What can be bad about being out on the water?

Favourite Plankton? Coccolithophores because you can see them from space!

Favourite scientific instrument? ROV, Remotely Operated Vehicle – because they are really cool!

What would you say is your area of expertise? Marine biology, moving into deep sea.

How did you get involved in Marine Science? I started SCUBA diving when I was a teenager, and I loved it so much, I thought “Hey this would be an awesome Job!”

Why do you think Discover Oceanography is a good thing? The marine environment is a very valuable resource under immense pressure from human activities. In order to protect and manage it effectively we need to understand it and communicate that knowledge to the public. Once people know how amazing the marine environment is, they will want to protect it too!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to work in marine science? Get out there and get involved! There are so many opportunities locally to learn about marine science and contribute to ongoing research.

What’s your best Discover Oceanography memory? Finding a beautiful, fragile pipefish, a close relative of the seahorse.

What’s your favourite Knot? Bowline.

What’s your favourite marine creature? That’s difficult…. The more you learn about marine animals, the more amazing they become so it’s difficult to pick a favourite…. Probably sea turtles because we know so little about their lives at sea and due to increasing pressure on their environment, we may not have them around for much longer.

Marine Biologist
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