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The University of Southampton

Gender identity

At Southampton, we recognise that individuals may identify with a gender that is different to their biological sex, or may not identify with any particular gender identify, and we believe in the freedom of gender expression.

We are currently revising our gender identity policy to be inclusive of more forms of gender identity, including intersex and genderqueer, as well as improving out support for staff and students who are seeking to or currently undergoing transition.

The process has also raised concerns about on-campus facilities and staff awareness, which we hope to address in the next few years, with continued support from the trans community. This includes the provision of non-gendered toilets and changing facilities, incorporating trans awareness into Diversity training and generally promoting trans awareness more widely. The Students' Union has been proactive in this area, and is working to establish a more inclusive environment for its trans members.

Trans staff should be assured that the Staff LGBT Network is mindful of trans issues and needs, and should not hesitate to contact them. The student LGBT Society, recently reconstituted to include trans members, is also eager to support trans students.

Trans staff and students seeking support, and anyone who has an interest in learning more about gender dysphoria, should consult Chrysalis's website. It provides extensive plain-English explanations of the terms used, and contact details are available for those seeking support.

If you are writing about gender identity or trans topics, or want to contact somebody to discuss such topics, then please consult the Trans Media Watch website. They provide editorial guidelines and advice on some topics that you might discuss.

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