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The University of Southampton
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Networks and societies

Staff and post graduate research students have come together to form networks and societies to represent, support and engage members who share a similar background, characteristic or common cause. The networks are autonomous, with their own terms of reference and work with the University to shape and deliver organisational strategy and policy to improve staff experiences.

Outlines of people with different disabilities

Disability staff network

For disabled staff and postgraduate research students, to promote an environment where people with disabilities are supported, valued and enabled to fulfil their potential.

Lighting candles

Faith network

A dedicated space for staff and PGR students of faith to meet, chat, and freely express and practice their beliefs.

Progress pride flag

Pulse LGBT+ staff network

For staff and PGR students to promote a work environment in which LGBT+ members feel supported and valued, enabling them to fulfill their potential and to contribute fully to the benefit of the University.

Logo for the network.

Social mobility network (student and staff)

The Social Mobility Network has been created as a dedicated space for likeminded individuals who self-define as either currently being from, or originating from, a low socioeconomic background.

Two women in conversation

Women's network

A dedicated space for staff and postgraduate students who identify as women, to connect like-minded individuals to share experiences, knowledge and opportunities to lift each other up.


We have over 200 different student societies, supported by our students' union SUSU. The societies are one way for students with shared interest or shared identities can come together. There are several societies dedicated to promoting rights and inclusion for different groups, as well as several societies that celebrate and bring together students from particular countries, cultures and religions.

Find societies on the SUSU website .

Did you know?

Many student societies also welcome staff as affiliate members.

Last update: 08 February 2023

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