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Harassment contacts' details

Here is the complete list of Harassment Contacts, in no particular order.

Design: Stefan Caspar, ILIaD
Harassment Contacts - postcard

All Harassment Contacts work across the University. Your Contact does not have to be from your own faculty or department. It's usually much better for both of you to be based in different parts of the University. Communications can often be by email, phone or Skype, so you don't even have to be on the same campus.

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Many ways of making contact

All landline and mobile phone numbers shown here are University of Southampton, rather than personal. Harassment Contacts are happy to talk on the phone, and where appropriate meet face-to-face. However, some prefer to have the first contact by email, due to their location (many staff work in open-plan offices) or the nature of their work. After making initial contact, if one or both of you are often away from campus you might then want to discuss talking by Skype or (where supported) FaceTime. Scroll down for more information about Skype.

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Anne Farrugia

Faculty and campus: Medicine/NETSCC (Chilworth)


Anne has been one of the Harassment Contacts team since 2013.

Donna Haynes

Professional service and campus: International Office (Highfield)


Phone:  +44 (0)7713 082516. It's best to send a text message initially and Donna will then call you back. As Donna often travels, you could otherwise incur roaming charges.

Skype: by arrangement

Donna works as a Country Development Manager in the International Office covering Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Central Asia, but has also worked in Africa and China. She has extensive experience of supporting International and UK students with a variety of issues both in the UK and abroad. Donna would be happy to discuss concerns relating to harassment either face-to-face, by Skype or phone.

Claire Buchan

Professional service and campus: Professional Services (Highfield)


Phone: 023 8059 3950 (x23950)

Claire has been a Harassment Contact for six years and during this time has supported both staff and students in dealing with various problems/issues.

She is based at Highfield Campus and is available on a Wed-Fri basis in person or by email. Please make initial contact via email and Claire will ensure that you are contacted within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time to speak or if preferred meet in person.

Tracey Newman

Faculty and campus: Medicine (Highfield)


Phone: 023 80597642 (internal: x27642)

Tracey has experience of supporting both students and staff with a variety of issues. As well as being a lecturer in medicine she was previously a youth worker who ran LGBT projects. Tracey can be contacted to discuss concerns related to harassment, either by email or phone, or to arrange a suitable time to meet face to face.

Rachel Tucker

Professional Service and campus: Research and Innovation Services (Highfield)


Phone: 023 8059 4686 (internal: x24686)

Rachel has been a harassment contact for a number of years and during this time she has supported both staff and students with a variety of issues. In addition, she has completed a counselling course in her spare time and is willing to offer time and support to those in need.

Rachel can be contacted by telephone or email (Wednesday to Friday) and all information will be kept in complete confidence.

Mary Smith

Faculty and campus: FNES (Waterfront)


Phone: 023 80596028 (int: x26028)

Mary is been a HC volunteer for several years, currently based at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton working in the Graduate Student Office. As part of her job role, Mary has many years of experience in supporting students and advising them of available services at the University. Mary is happy to initially be contacted by either telephone or email.

Linda Welch

Faculty and campus: Medicine/NETSCC (Chilworth)


Phone: 023 80597527 (Int: x27527)

Best time to contact: Office hours, 9-5

Linda has several years' experience of supporting people through difficult times.  While she is happy to discuss concerns over the telephone, she sits in an open-plan office, so you may prefer to contact her by email first to discuss a suitable time to call or meet face to face, bearing in mind that she is based at the Science Park.

Alex Melhuish

Professional service and campus: HR/Diversity (Highfield)


Phone: 023 8059 3207 (x23207)

Skype: by arrangement

Alex has ben a member of the University's Diversity Team since October 2010, and supported LGBT students prior to this as a member of SUSU. He has chaired the University's LGBT Staff Network, and works with staff and students across the University on issues relating to gender (including gender identity), sexual orientation, disability, race and faith.

Alex is new to the harassment contact role, but has advised staff and students as part of his Diversity role for three years. He works full-time, and maintains access to his emails when out of the office. He loves drinking coffee and meeting people, so he is happy to meet face-to-face, but is also happy using the phone, Skype or email. 

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In October 2014, the Harassment Contacts' team agreed on a re-design. Previous artwork had shown 'real' people interacting, unavoidably depicting some of them as victims, bullies or in listening roles.

The new artwork continues to reflect the dynamics between two or more people. Now it shows contact, progress and the expected resolution in a non-figurative way. By avoiding stereotypes, the design also emphasises the non-judgemental nature of this type of service.

We have a supply of postcards and posters. If you would like some, again to leave for people to pick up, please email

We always appreciate your help with spreading the word about the service. You don't need to be a Harassment Contact or client yourself.

About Skype

One to one video calls are free. You will need a webcam or compatible smartphone, along with a Skype account.

If you are new to Skype, you may find this page - set up for students on distance learning courses - useful: How to set up and use Skype. (Note though that neither Social Sciences nor iSolutions can offer technical support for private use.)

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