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The University of Southampton
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Strategic Plan – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Strategic Plan – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) builds on the ambition articulated in the University Strategy: “It matters that we act continually to ensure the University is supportive and inclusive of everyone”.

Our EDI mission is to create an inclusive university community , and our vision is that this is a community where, as an individual student or member of staff:

And that as a community:

By working in this way, we will change the world for the better​

Our ambition is that equality, diversity and inclusion is seen as a major asset that helps us be a world leading university. We want to see that equality, diversity and inclusion is truly embedded into all areas of our teaching, research, enterprise and work, and are consciously considered in all decision making, in the delivery of education and other services.

All students, senior leaders and staff should see an inclusive culture as being beneficial to themselves and others, and value it accordingly. Students and staff are responsible for maintaining an inclusive culture that is based on respect, compassion and curiosity. Underpinning our ambition is a recognition of the importance of individual and collective agency and accountability.

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What’s the difference between equality, diversity and inclusion?

For us at Southampton, we believe:

Equality means that every person has equal access to opportunities, without discrimination or less favourable treatment because of one or more of their characteristics.

Diversity is when we recognise and celebrate individuals for their uniqueness and what they have to offer, and the benefits this brings in diversity of thought, ideas and contributions to our community.

Inclusion means that we go beyond legal compliance to create a community and culture where everyone feels that they belong, it is safe to be who they are, and they feel valued for being themselves.

Last update: 18 June 2021 [AM]

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