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DiversityPolicies and guidance

Further advice and examples

Do you need further advice, ideas or examples that relate to your activity? Both ECU and EHRC can help here, while published assessments from other universities may provoke discussion as well.

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU)

ECU is responsible for advancing equality and diversity in post-compulsory education. Their website includes downloadable national HE statistical tables and reports. You can drill down through their guidance and resources pages on certain areas, for example student recruitment, retention and attainment. You may find these make useful prompts for both the screening and assessment stages.

Two further pages focus specifically on equality assessments:

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

This is a government-funded body, responsible for promotion and enforcement of equality and non-discrimination laws in England.

Office for National Statistics

ONS holds a wealth of data which could be useful in benchmarking. Searching can be a challenge, though you can contact them for assistance.

Assessments published by other universities

A number of universities have published completed assessments. You may like to browse to find where work that has already been done in areas similar to your own. The scope, format and detail can vary considerably, even within a single university. Some assessments may reference legislation prior to the Equality Act 2010. You are unlikely to find documentation for activities deemed to be low-risk here, equivalent to our Part 1 Screening.

As a member of staff, you can also view completed University of Southampton documents on the EA SharePoint intranet site. If necessary, we can grant access without formality.

Diversity Team

Many queries are now addressed in the EA guidance notes. For other general advice and support, please get in touch with the Diversity Team.


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