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The University of Southampton

Religion and belief

Religion and belief can have very different meaning for different people, which is recognised and supported at Southampton. As a university, we rely on freedom of speech and expression in the pursuit of knowledge and greater understanding. We believe that this extends to spiritual freedom and expression, which is fundamental to many of our lives

As a multicultural community, there are many religions, faiths and beliefs represented among the University's staff and students, which contribute to the rich environment that we enjoy. People are supported and encouraged to express their beliefs openly and with understanding of others, who may have complimentary or contrasting beliefs.

The University also recognises a person's right to not hold a religious belief or faith.

For those who practice prayer, there are facilities provided on campus. There is a Muslim prayer room under the West Refectory, and Friday prayers are held in the Cube in the Students' Union. The Chaplaincy is home to the multi-denominational Christian chaplains, but welcomes staff and students of all faiths for pray or to sit in quiet contemplation.

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