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Send your selfies

Published: 12 June 2017

The University WiSET group is calling out for selfie photos of women in science, engineering, maths and technology to create a celebratory mosaic collage.

With an overall representation of 40% women across the university, last year WiSET created a collage to showcase women from the university.  Hanging pride of place in the library, this collage was such a success that WiSET is now commissioning its second piece.

One of the key aims of WiSET is to establish equal representation of men and women throughout the university. One way they envisage achieving this is through visual representation and celebration. By commissioning a second collage, WiSET hopes to create a more balanced environment whilst marking the contributions made by women throughout this university.

The new design, based on the WiSET logo, will enable a more diverse and inclusive collage than before. 

So, your help is needed! Please send your selfie images here by 17 July, using the instructions below:

  • Up to 5 pictures per person
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be a selfie, it can be taken by someone else. It is preferable however to be photo of your profile rather than a landscape photo with you in it, in the distance
  • File name: YOURNAME_number e.g. Katrina Morgan_1, Katrina Morgan_2 etc.



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