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OTD Step 1 - Online Course

Laboratory students

The on-line course is the first step to help you get started in teaching/demonstrating.

The course is designed to introduce doctoral researchers who are new to the role of teaching or demonstrating in the UK and at the University of Southampton to the fundamentals of education, including:

You will engage with the content via a combination of videos, interactive graphics, quizzes and text.  You will also be given access to further resources to assist you in your role.

You will be asked to reflect at key points and to make notes that you can refer to in the subsequent face-to-face session.

The online course also provides you with the opportunity to submit comments, questions, feedback and/or concerns to the facilitators in advance of the face-to-face sessions. Please ensure that you log your completion of OTD Step 1 in Section 7.

If you have an difficulty accessing the course please email in the first instance.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the online course you will be able to:

1. describe the context of learning & teaching, and assessment at the University of Southampton;

2. describe your own role in supporting teaching & learning;

3. identify relevant sources of information and advice for your role;

4. describe key elements of planning a learning & teaching session.

How to access the course materials

Click here to access the online OTD Step 1.

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