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Training for teaching: seminar leaders & demonstrators

As a doctoral researcher you may be involved in teaching activities either by request from your academic unit or Faculty, or because you are choosing to develop your skills and experience.

To ensure you are properly prepared you need to attend designated introductory training. For most disciplines this will be via Orientation to teaching and demonstrating. In a few cases, there may be a local course provided by your academic unit or faculty (please check with your Graduate School if unsure).

Orientation to Teaching & Demonstrating overview (OTD)

OTD comprises of three elements:-

Step 1:  Completion of on-line course (covering both seminar leader and demonstration roles).

Step 2:  Completion of on-line course (OTD: Seminar Leader or OTD: Demonstrator).

Step 3:  Attendance at follow-up session (discipline based) once you have some practical teaching/demonstrating experience.

OTD - Step 2

More information about Step 2 and how to access the on-line course.

Further support

Teaching Resources

Find useful resources to assist you in your teaching - links to HEA (Higher Education Academy), Vitae...


Exemptions may only be granted according to the process outlined in the Policy on research students who undertake teaching activity. Usually exemptions should only be granted if the student already has a significant experience of teaching in a higher education environment, or a qualification for teaching in higher education (e.g., some form of Advance HE accredited course). All cases for exemption should be accompanied by documentary evidence of the status.

Even if you are exempted from Orientation to teaching and demonstrating (OTD), we strongly encourage you to attend OTD Step 3.

Further discipline requirements

Following attendance at OTD Step 2 and before OTD Step 3, you will be expected to attend locally organised sessions focussing specifically on marking/assessment and reflective evaluation of your teaching experience - the arrangements for this will be communicated by your academic unit/faculty, but form part of the introductory training package.

Additional information for Demonstrators and Seminar Leaders

Before you start working as a Seminar Leader/Demonstrator you must register with the UniWorkforce. You can download the form from here. If you have any questions regarding your need to register or how to do so, please contact the Tempbank by email or call 02380 593031.

Teacher teaching

Further teacher training

There are further opportunities each year to be trained and teach in local and regional schools, through our partnership with The Brilliant Club.

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