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Teaching Resources

There are a variety of resources available to support you in your teaching.



The University of Southampton is a Vitae member which means that doctoral researchers will have access to additional online resources tailored to researchers. To get the most from the membership, we recommend that you register on the Vitae website using your email address and you will automatically be able to access the members only content.

Teaching Lens

This lens maps the Vitae Researcher Development Framework to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for teaching in higher education. It shows how the expertise, knowledge and values that are required for teaching in higher education.

Advance HE (previously Higher Education Academy)

Advance HE Logo

Advance HE (previously HEA) is the national body which champions teaching quality. Discover how Advance HE can benefit you:-

Here is some literature on teaching matters that you may find helpful.  Although many of the papers relate to research in specific disciplines they also contain  generic points of use to other disciplines too (please feel free to move beyond your own discipline).

Thanks to all the doctoral researchers who suggested reading.  If you know of any papers that would be useful to your colleagues, please email the


Knight, P., and Parsons, T. (2004) How to do your dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines, London: Rutledge.

Hay, I. (ed), (2010) Qualitative Research Method in Human Geography, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Aitken, S. and Valentine, G. (eds), (2006) Approaches to Human Geography, London: Sage

General reading

 Becker, L and Denicolo, P. (2013)  Teaching in Higher Education: Success in Research series.  London: Sage

 Fry, H, Ketteridge, S & Marshall, S (2002), A Handbook for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: Enhancing Academic Practice, Routledge, London 2nd Edition.

The Benefits of Delivering Formative Feedback via Video-CastsAssessment & Evaluation in Higher Education

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