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Doctoral College Director's Awards

The Festival of Doctoral Research is about celebrating and showcasing the University's excellent doctoral research, but we also wanted to recognise the exceptional achievements of our researchers beyond their particular research projects.

We had over 50 award nominations, of such a high quality, that the Judging Panel could not pick just one winner in each of the four categories. Congratulations to all those who were nominated - it was a real pleasure to read through and reward the fantastic acheivements of our PGR community.

Thank you to postgraduate researcher Mengyang Zhu for capturing some great shots of the Festival Closing Reception and presentation of the awards.

Photos from the Festival Closing Reception

Award Winners + Runners Up


Recognising an exceptional contribution to teaching and learning, for example working with UG or PGT cohorts.

Award Winners (nominated by)

  • Alex Barbu, FEE (G.Bharathram)
  • Kassie Cigliana, Humanities (Vanessa Mar-Molinero)
  • Holly Dunbar, Humanities (Isaac Gustafsson Wood)

Award Runners Up

  • Sarah Boak, Humanities (Laurie Stras)
  • Xin Ying Ch'ng, Humanities (Laurie Stras)
  • Nic Fair, FSHMS (Christian Bokhove & Lisa Harris)
  • Ryan Gallacher, FNES (Derek Keir)
  • Joshua Greenhalgh, FEE (Hans Fangor)
  • Elliott Nikdel, Humanities (Lucy Mazdon)
  • Katy Rankin, FEE (Martin Browne)
  • Lasse Wollatz, FEE (Dina Shona Laila)
  • Adam Vaughan, Humanities (Lucy Mazdon)

Enterprise & Impact

Recognising success or an exceptional trajectory towards, for example, commercialisation, spin-out or consultancy.

Award Winners (nominated by)

  • Peter Campbell, Humanities (Lucy Blue)
  • Piotr Lazczak, FEE (Jian Luidi)
  • Peijun He, FPSE (Rob Eason)

Award Runners Up

  • Sahar Alzahrani, Humanities (Vicky Wright)
  • Paul Bastock, FPSE (Dan Hewak)
  • Mandy Lo, FSHMS (Julie-Ann Edwards)
  • Joshua Welsh, Medicine (Matthew Morton)

Citizenship and Community

For an exceptional contribution to the PGR or wider University community; for example in mentoring, pastoral support, peer-to-peer support, contribution to a PGR society or similar.

Award Winners (nominated by)

  • Shabana Malik, Health Sciences (Bashir Lwaleed)
  • Kyle Mayers, FNES (Abbie Chapman)
  • Nicholas Wong, FPSE (Matt Posner)

Award Runners Up

  • Mike Allwright, FNES (Shruti Verma)
  • Alexander Glyde-Bates, Humanities (Laurie Stras)
  • Isaac Gustafsson-Wood, Humanities (Michael Williams)
  • Seng Wee Kwee, Health Sciences (Anne-Marie Hughes)
  • Carlos Lamas-Fernandez, FBLA (Sterling Rauseo)
  • Achraf Mkhaiber, FBLA (Plamen Ivanov)
  • Sterling Rauseo, FBLA (Mohamed Bakoush)
  • Jamie Vovrosh, FPSE (Hendrik Ulbricht)
  • Ben Yarnall, FNES (Mike Allwright)

Engagement & Outreach

Recognising an exceptional contribution to research group, discplinary, Faculty or University engagement/outreach initiatives.

Award Winners (nominated by)

  • Nikhil Mistry, FEE (Jess Spurrell, Tim Leighton, Victor Humphrey, Filippo Fazzi)
  • Matt Posner and Nicholas Wong, FPSE (Pearl John)
  • Luke Muscutt, FEE (Rammah Shami, G.Bharathram)

Award Runners Up

  • Accelerate Team, FPSE (Jonathan Flynn)
  • Chiara Dall'Ora, Health Sciences (Alejandra Recio-Saucedo)
  • Thomas Dekeyser, FSHMS (Bradley Garrett)
  • Alex Ferguson, Humanities (Kendrick Oliver)
  • Grace Hallinan, FNES (Joanne Bailey)
  • Emma Hopla, FSHMS (Mary Edwards)
  • Jen Lewis, Humanities (James Jordan)
  • Mandy Lo, FSHMS (Julie-Ann Edwards)
  • Danielle Lockwood, Humanities (James Jordan)
  • Kyle Mayers, FNES (Abbie Chapman)
  • Prutha Patel, FNES (Katrin Deinhardt)
  • Katie Power, Humanities (James Jordan)
  • Nathan Shammah, FPSE (Silvia Lanati)
  • Sarah Smyth, Humanities (Shelley Cobb)
  • Daniel Spencer, Humanities (Anne Curry)
  • James Stallwood, FBLA (Ashok Ranchod)
  • Katy Stubbs, FNES (Amrit Mudher)
  • Sandy Walker, Health Sciences (Joanne Brown)
  • Becky Martin, FSHMS (Jenny Josephs)

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