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Hands-On: Your PhD

Hands on your PhD

Event summary:

The Beach Hut Brigade invites you to an afternoon of getting “hands-on” with your PhD. PhDs are often theoretical, complex and conceptual: take these 90 minutes with us to explore how physical props might help you explain the work you do.

There will be a workshop complete with cake, the exhibits the Beach Hut Brigade takes to events, as well as drawing, discussion and modelling. And yes, you will be taking home Lego/play-dough models of your PhD. Expect a bit of madness, a bit of mayhem, a lot of creativity, and some stress-free PhD reflection time.

The Beach Hut Brigade is Southampton University’s coastal PhD public engagement group. They are almost a year old, and are hoping to show how much fun engaging with your PhD can be, and how easy!

Why attend?

  1. Free Lego!
  2. Find out how you can do public engagement about your research, as a PhD student.
  3. Learn from the failures and successes of the Beach Hut Brigade.
  4. Increase your confidence and comfort in communicating your research.
  5. Design some props to help you communicate your research.
  6. Free cake!

Who is this for?

PhD students from any faculty and discipline.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nothing other than yourself

Event Details:

Thursday 17 May, 14:30 - 16:30

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