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COVID-19 Impact Log

We recommend that doctoral research students, however funded and irrespective of end-date of funding or candidature, should maintain a COVID-19 Impact Log. Students will record on the log any significant COVID-related impact on the progress of their research project, together with the mitigating strategies that have been implemented.

Why a COVID-19 Impact Log?

As doctoral research students adapt to working under COVID, it is a good idea to keep track of how they and their research project are being impacted by the pandemic. The data and information in the Log can be used to record the breadth and depth of the impact. The Log will help to inform reasons underpinning the rate of progression in the project. It may be submitted, and referred to, at progression reviews. It may also be submitted as part of an application for special considerations, extensions to funding, and/or candidature.

What can I record on the Log?

Use the Log to track how you have had to adapt since the start of the pandemic. You should consider questions such as ‘what has changed from the original research project plan?’ ‘how has the lockdown impacted my progress?’ and ‘what mitigating strategies have been implemented to offset the impact?’. You may record, for example, practical implications due to the temporary closing of the laboratories and libraries. You may wish to identify systematically what you had to put on hold, and log the dates, numbers of days/weeks lost as a consequence. You should record COVID-related changes of plans, and potential project risks. You should discuss your Log regularly with your supervisors. Impacts that may have affected your progression, but which are unrelated to COVID, should not be recorded.

It is important to keep your impact log up-to-date. Below are a few key points about what to record in the Log:

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