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Research Programme

Regulations for Research Degrees and Higher Doctorates

The regulations governing your degree are published in Section V of the University Calendar.

Your attention is particularly drawn to the Regulations for Research Degrees and to the Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidature and Supervision. Any additional regulations, specific to your degree, are published in Section VI of the University Calendar.

Duration of Study

The minimum and maximum periods of candidature are stated in the Regulations for Research Degrees. However, these may vary by Doctoral Programme. Your period of candidature will have been provided in your offer letter.

If your studies are being funded partly or fully by an external organisation, it is your responsibility to ensure your sponsor is aware of your minimum and maximum period of candidature in relation to their offer of funding. 

Note that the period of candidature may be different from the period of funding.

Where a research student is in receipt of external funding and/or where an external body places an expectation that studies are completed within a defined period of time, the Faculty will assist the research student in meeting the requirement.

As stated in paragraph 20 of the Regulations for Research Degrees, a research student who fails to submit a thesis by the end of the maximum period of candidature will be deemed to have withdrawn from their studies.

Criteria for the Award of MPhil and PhD

The criteria for the award of MPhil and PhD are listed in the Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidature and Supervision. These are cited from the UK Quality Code for Higher Education: The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies, October 2014.

Activity Reports

Students who enrolled on their doctoral studies on or after 1 August 2016

All students are expected to complete and submit Activity Reports on PGR Manager throughout the research phase of their candidature. Activity reports should be completed every three months, with the first report submitted on month 4 of the research phase of your candidature. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete and submit these reports in a timely fashion. Completion and submission of Activity Reports will be used as an indicator of academic engagement, and discussed during your Progression Reviews.  

If your studies are funded partly or fully by an external organisation, there may be a requirement for you or your supervisor to complete additional reports for your sponsor. These reports do not form part of the University’s progression processes. As part of the annual enrolment process, all students give their consent for the University to provide appropriate information on request to third parties, such as sponsoring organisations.  



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