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The University of Southampton
Doctoral College

Registration and Administrative Support

Special Considerations

During your studies, there may be circumstances outside of your control which have, or may in the future, have a negative effect on your research candidature; including performance in a recent or upcoming Progression Review or final viva voce examination, or your ability to meet a deadline for submission of a Progression Review Report or final thesis. In line with the Regulations Governing Special Considerations and suspension of candidature for Postgraduate Research students you may request:

  • A suspension of candidature (which may or may not be related to Special Considerations);
  • An extension to candidature;
  • An extension to a Progression Review Report submission deadline;
  • To reschedule a Progression Review or, in exceptional circumstances only, a viva voce examination;
  • An extension to a revised thesis submission deadline (following a viva voce examination);
  • Special Considerations to be given to the outcome of an assessment;
  • Circumstances to be logged until such a time that you may wish to make a request for Special Consideration.

For more information on submitting a request please refer to the guidance information at the back of the request forms.


Extension to candidature

Extension of candidature may be granted only where there is a good cause and on your specific application. Requests for extension should be made well in advance of your original thesis submission date. Information on extensions to candidature can be found in paragraphs 43-44 of the Regulation for Research Degrees and the Quality Handbook

Applications for extension should be made in line with the Regulations Governing Special Considerations and Suspension of Candidature for Postgraduate Research Students


Withdrawal or Termination of Candidature

There are several circumstances where a Faculty may recommend termination of candidature. The Procedures for Circumstances that may lead to Withdrawal or Termination outline procedures for:

  • Termination as a result of a recommendation from a Progression Review (including from an Upgrade/Transfer or Confirmation Panel)
  • Termination outside of a Progression Review (Exceptional Progression Review) due to significant academic concerns (including Interim Progression Reviews)
  • Termination as a result of failure to undertake the expected responsibilities of a PGR student
  • Termination as a result of failing to comply with progression review deadlines
  • Termination (deemed withdrawn) due to lack of contact
  • Termination (deemed withdrawn) as a result of failure to submit a thesis by the end of the maximum period of candidature.

Nominal registration

Nominal registration is an enrolment status that may be requested following a minimum period of supervised candidature. It is not an automatic right, but a privilege that must be earned through the satisfaction of specific criteria.

Full details of nominal registration can be found in paragraphs 81-82 of the Code of Practice for Research Candidature and Supervision, and paragraphs 37-40 of the Regulations for Research Degrees. A ‘writing up fee’ is payable to the University if you do not submit your thesis within six months of transferring to nominal registration. Details can be found in paragraph 10a of the University’s Fees, Charges, and Expenses regulations.

Please note: full tuition fees are payable throughout your period of candidature until your transfer onto nominal registration has been confirmed. See the University Fees for more details.


Unsatisfactory progress

Your supervisor should inform you of unsatisfactory progress as soon as it becomes apparent. Your supervisor should discuss this with you and put in place steps to resolve the issue. If there is continued unsatisfactory progress, the Faculty will follow the procedures as laid out in the Procedures for Circumstances that may lead to Withdrawal or Termination.


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