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Facilities in the School

Facilities in the School

The School will try to provide the resources and support necessary for you to complete your research on time. However, resources are finite and you should not assume that the School will be able to provide everything you may need. In consultation with your supervisor you may need to apply for additional funding, for example for higher specification computing equipment or for additional fieldwork funds. 

Computer facilities

All actively registered PGR researchers are provided with access to a University workstation machine, which is owned and maintained by the central computing service, iSolutions (x25656 internally). Through these PCs users have access to a wide range of software, both standard (e.g. MS Office) and specialist (e.g. ArcGIS, ENVI, IDL, IMAGINE, Matlab, S-Plus, Minitab).

The School also has a specialist Gecomputation Suite (Building 44, Level 1, Room 1069), which offers 5 PCs with access to specialist software and some with larger monitors etc. Students choosing to work from home are not permitted to take desktop machines home, they must switch to laptops.

If your computing facilities are not suitable for your research needs, you should discuss this as early as possible with your Supervisory team. Any upgrades to PC equipment will incur a cost.


Map Library and Digimap

The Geography and Environmental Sciences map library is located on level 1 of the Hartley Library and is available to all members of the University community. The library contains a comprehensive collection of topographic and specialist maps of the UK, at a range of scales, with reasonable coverage of the rest of the world. For digital maps of the UK the University subscribes to the Digimap Ordnance Survey collection and Historic Digimap.



There are photocopiers at all library sites as well as in the Graduate Hub, but the photocopying service is administered by iSolutions. Please see the website for further details.



Access to internal and external facilities is provided. All external calls must be related to research and should be prefixed 91. A telephone is located in the lobby area of the hub and can be used for national and local calls when required. A further telephone for emergencies only is located within the Hub. Both phones will only support calls to UK numbers.



The School operates a vehicle (Volkswagen transporter van) for the support of research and teaching fieldwork.  Anyone wishing to drive the SoGES vehicle or a vehicle on university insurance needs to complete a vehicle induction. These are run periodically. Inform Peter Morgan (x24673, Building 44, Room 1017, as soon as possible if you would like to use a School vehicle to support your work.

For further information see School vehicle Information in appendix 5 of the Technical Support Handbook.



The Director of Resources and Infrastructure is Dr Julian Leyland. Geography and Environmental Science has a suite of laboratories and field equipment managed by Peter Morgan.

For information on all laboratory facilities see the website.

Operational information is given in Technical Support Handbook located on sharepoint under technical support.

Key points are:

  1. Laboratories are Hazard restricted Access areas, new users will require a short induction, contact to arrange this.
  2. To contact the laboratory technical team we have a generic email account for first point of contact with students for laboratory dissertation projects and for field equipment loans. Please note when requesting laboratory inductions it may not be possible to schedule one immediately.
  3. For requesting field equipment for loan, please complete the Field Equipment loan request form in the Field Equipment Loans. Please send this to Giving a minimum of 7 working days’ notice prior to the specified collection date so that equipment can be checked and prepared. For major expeditions please allow 4 weeks’ notice. All equipment returns should be made in their entirety at the specified date and time to the field store.

Please refer to the following sites for Geography laboratory information:


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