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The University of Southampton
Doctoral College

Facilities in the School

Conference Attendance

As a research student, it is important to present your work at academic conferences. Conferences allow you to disseminate your results amongst the academic community and give you the opportunity to network with other researchers. Expenses for conference attendance are typically charged against your Research and Training Support Grants (RTSG). However, you must be presenting a poster or and oral presentation to receive financial support. Also, you will need to obtain your supervisor’s support. It is common for research students to attend two conferences during the course of your studies (1 national – usually Yr 2; 1 international – usually Yr 3).

Conference Travel Insurance

The University provides a comprehensive travel insurance policy for postgraduates travelling abroad on University business. When you travel you are automatically covered. Information about the scheme can be obtained from the Finance Intranet website. Unless you have specific medical or insurance requirements you will not be reimbursed if you take out your own travel insurance.


Stationery is provided by the school. You will find some items in the cupboards in the mailroom but if you require other items please go to the Level 3 Faculty Operating Service office. Allyson will be pleased to help you.

Mail room (Room 3115)

Your office key will open the mail room.

This is where you can send post. The post is collected daily. There are four different trays. If you leave mail unstamped it will go second class. There are pigeon holes for all staff and students. PhD student pigeon holes are on the bottom row sorted by surname. Please do not use the system for personal mail unless it has already been stamped.

The address for the school is:

School of Psychology Shackleton, Building 44 (B44) University of Southampton Highfield Campus, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

There are printers, a sink and recycling in this room as well as a small selection of stationary. The printer paper is kept under the pigeon holes if you ever need to re-stock a printer.



Psychology works on a managed print system where all printing will be sent to machines in the following locations:

  • Mailroom (3115)
  • iZone (3093)
  • Corridor outside 3029
  • L4 outside 4065

You can release your print from any of these printers. These machines also photocopy and scan. For further details of managed print and how to register your ID card to enable you to use the machines, see the following webpage.



You will all have a phone in your office.

To ring out use 91 for a work call and 92 for a personal call then dial the full number as normal. Postgraduate students should not ring international numbers from their office phones.

To ring an internal number just dial the 5 digits of the extension number.

The university numbers all start 02380 59XXXX. If you ring internally, you replace 59 with 2.

If you ring an internal number from another phone, e.g. iSolutions from your mobile, use the prefix above and drop the 2.

  • iSolutions from internal phone (25656)
  • iSolutions (02380 595656)

When you call someone from the work phone they will only see the university switchboard number on their screen.


Email address

You can have another email address with your name rather than letters and numbers. Both addresses will be linked to the same account but you must log in to all university facilities using your original username. E.g. and

  • Sign in to manage you existing account
  • Managing your account
  • Change mailname
  • Services for staff and researchers
  • Add, change or delete University telephone directory entries

Whilst in subscribe, ensure your location (building/room) and telephone details are entered.



The building is locked from 6pm to 8am on weekdays and all day on weekends. The only entrance and exit door is the main entrance to the building on level 2. Also, doors to the corridors will lock. You must swipe your card to get in and out of the building after 6pm/on weekends and must swipe your card to enter each of the corridors on level 3 and 4. If you get stuck without your card head towards the level 2 exit as you press buttons to leave corridors heading to the exits. There is a phone in the entrance foyer, if there is nobody around then you must call non-emergency security to let you back through the building to your office or to let you out of the building itself.

Central control room – Security: Non emergency (22811) or (02380 592811) 



This is a space for use by all students and staff. There are areas to sit for lunch and meetings, but also tables to work at or hold office hours. There is a sink, water cooler and a coffee machine. This space can be booked for talks after 3pm.


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