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Faculty Training


Here you will find the current compulsory and suggested training opportunities for PGR students within FEPS. Compulsory courses should be completed in your first few months of research and will bolster your understanding of the research environment, as well as equipping you with the tools for success. You can also help to identify areas for further study and support. Also listed are courses that will expand your knowledge and skills base, and often act to supplement the compulsory courses.


Mandated University-level training

All Faculties at Southampton must provide students with access to a core set of training which is outlined in Your Doctorate in the Handbook. The core training will be delivered by Faculties in a variety of ways, as outlined below.

In addition, all new doctoral researchers must complete the following mandated training. Failure to complete successfully the mandated training below is a failure to meet the progression requirements and so will result in a failure to progress.

Postgraduate researchers commencing their studies in 2021/22 must complete the following by the time they undertake their Academic Needs Analysis:

Please note that you'll need to be logged into your Office 365 account in order to access the mandatory training page, which is hosted on the new PGR Development Hub SharePoint site.

Online training on data management will be provided by the Library and should be completed by all doctoral researchers commencing their studies in 2021/22 by the time of their first formal progression review.

Additional Compulsory Training for FEPS

Orientation to Teaching & Demonstrating 

  • More details listed below.

Mandatory Training For Teaching

Please read this section fully. If you still have questions then further information can be found on the UniWorkForce webpages.

Faculty Procedures for demonstration

In FEPS, Demonstrating work is only undertaken by PhD students. The role undertaken is usually entitled ‘Teaching Assistant’ or similar. Demonstrating duties include laboratory and workshop activities and supervisions.

I have been asked to help with demonstrating duties, what do I need to do now?

  • You must be issued with a Casual Worker Permit before you start any work associated with demonstrating.
  • You must complete the appropriate training before you start work.

Demonstrator Training

Before you can start demonstrating you need to ensure you are properly prepared by completing the require training course Orientation to Teaching & Demonstrating.

OTD comprises three elements:

Step 1: completion of an on-line course (covering both seminar-leader and demonstrator roles). You must work through this course before moving to Step 2, and bring the required notes with you to Step 2. See full details of this Step here. You should access the on-line course from this webpage.

Step 2: attendance at a face-face-session ‘OTD: Seminar Leader’ or ‘OTD: Demonstrator’. Please book one of these sessions, as appropriate, from the options available on GradbookSee full details of this Step here.

Step 3: attendance at a follow-up session (discipline-based) once you have some practical teaching/demonstrating experience (information and dates will follow in Semester 2).

If you have any questions or are unsure about this training, please contact the Graduate School Office; 

Recommended Training

  • Managing Your Research
  • Writing, Communications & Networking
  • Research Governance
  • Demonstrator Training
  • Further PGR Ethics
  • Concordat in FEPS
  • FEPS-based Training on Gradbook


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