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Extra activities

We offer a variety of special activities at the Centre to introduce your child to new ideas and experiences, the majority of which are included as part of the session costs that you pay.

Major Minors

Major Minors is designed to ‘nurture a lifetime of music’. Classes include singing, sensory play, dancing and composing. For more information please visit the Major Minors facebook page.

Talking Tots

Talking Tots structured classes are carefully designed to build on each stage of your child’s natural language and communication development. The classes combine games, songs, rhymes and fun activities to gently boost children’s communication and social skills. The classes have an added bonus of allowing the techniques learnt to be applied at home. For more information please visit the Talking Tots website.

Fit Kids

We use the University Sports Centre for our Fit Kids programme, attended by children from our Toddler and Pre-School rooms. Fit Kids aims to encourage a positive attitude to health, fitness, nutrition and body awareness from an early age.


Graduation is our most popular annual summer event where our Pre-School Children graduate from the Early Years Centre to move on to 'big' school. This is undertaken in full graduation gowns. This is always a very proud and special moment for the staff and parents.

Special visitors

Occasionally the Centre has special visitors like ZooLab. This is an educational and fun animal handling workshop where children have the opportunity to get close to a range of animals. The Book Bus also makes termly visits for on-board story time for our Toddler and Preschool children.

Seasonal events and activities (additional cost may be incurred)


Easter Egg Hunts with free Easter Eggs for each child, together with occasional visits by the Easter Bunny make the run-up to this special weekend even more memorable for the children.


In warmer weather we are able to make good use of the University Grounds and the outdoor area at The Early Years Centre for a range of events, including:

End of year school trip

Our end of year school trip marks the end of a chapter for our pre-schoolers before they leave to embark on life at ‘big school’. In the past this trip has been to a local farm and it is a special day for the children and staff to spend time together.

Christmas & other festivals

An extremely exciting time for our children, with many fun activities taking place including a Christmas Party in each room & our annual Carol Concert. A visit by Father Christmas is a very special moment and each child will receive a gift-wrapped book carefully chosen for their age group. We also take groups of children out onto the campus to watch the University Christmas lights being switched on.

Other religious festivals together with significant days throughout the calendar are also recognised. The rooms often prepare activities to celebrate these events with the children.

Get involved

Parents and carers who have some spare time are welcome to help a small group of children with a specific activity such as cooking, painting, or clay. We are also really interested in encouraging the children to experience other languages and cultures. Could you spare an hour to talk to the children about your culture? Please contact us with ideas and offers of help.

All dressed up for the special occasion
Graduation day
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