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Children are provided with a well-balanced diet of varied and nutritious meals which are rotated over a three weekly period. Lunch is supplied by the University catering service and is delivered in insulated boxes to the Centre. The children have a 'high tea' which we introduced in August 2016. There are two menus for the high tea which rotate weekly. Childen have been enjoying tuna pasta, tortilla wraps, jewelled cous cous, pittas with houmous and crudites. Salad and fruit is available everyday. The tea menu will be reviewed on a regular basis and take into account the children's feedback.     

Who is provided with a meal?

Children who attend an all day session and children who attend a morning only session have a meal included in the cost of their session. Children who attend an all day or afternoon only session have a tea included in the cost of their session.

Special requirements

We ensure special dietary needs are catered for as far as possible (for example for allergy sufferers, vegetarians, vegans, or for religious reasons). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sample menu

A sample menu is available on request and copies of our menus are also displayed on the parents' notice board. The menu for the week is always displayed on the entrance door.


Babies’ feeding times and food requirements vary, so please discuss this with your baby’s keyworker. Parents are required to provide milk and we offer a weaning menu for the older babies.

Older children

For children aged one to five years the Centre provides:



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