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Settling in

To help your child settle into the Centre, we offer three settling in sessions each lasting an hour long.

Session one

On your first settling in session, you will meet your child's Keyworker. This member of our team will help settle your child into the Centre and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Your Keyworker will find out as much as they can about your child (for example, their routine, food likes and dislikes and favourite activities) so that every effort can be made to support them.

You will also be introduced to other members of our staff team and we will talk to you about your child's daily routine during their time at the Centre. A 'Unique Child’ book is given to write down your child’s routine as well as any additional information.

Session two

On the second session, you are welcome to stay with your child to help them settle in for the first part and then we encourage you to leave them to play with the other children. It’s important to let your child know that you are going out for a short time but will be back soon.

Session three

By the third settling in session, we aim for you to drop off your child with the Keyworker and leave them for the hour with their group. During this time we ask that you remain on the Centre premises. We have a Family Room you can use during this time. Should your child find separation difficult, further visits with you present may be needed.

Helping to ensure a good start
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