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Guidelines for parents

We welcome all questions and suggestions from our parents and carers, and we are always here to help. Below are some useful guidelines to remember while your child is with us at the Centre.

Guidelines for parents

  • Children’s clothing and belongings need to be clearly labelled with the child’s name so they can be easily returned to their owner should they become lost.
  • We remind all parents to provide nappies and wipes as needed. Please regularly check the feedback board to see if your child is running low on nappies and wipes. We can provide nappies in the event you run out, and this is at a cost of 29p for two nappies.
  • If your child is toilet training, then we ask for a spare change of clothes in case of any toilet accidents.
  • Say goodbye to nappies! Please speak to your keyworker if you are interested in starting potty training with your child. We have some information sheets you may find useful and a ‘potty training bag’ for parents to borrow. This includes various resources including story books to get your child more interested in using the potty. Parents can request to borrow this training bag on a weekly sign up sheet which can be found on Toddlers notice board.
  • Children need to be dressed accordingly for the ever-changing weather conditions. Sun-cream should be applied before the start of their session. All children need to be provided with a named sunhat. Wellington boots are ideal for jumping in the puddles on rainy days and a warm coat is essential.
  • If you aren’t bringing your child in for the day please can you let the Centre know as it is helpful when planning our walks/activities and saving lunches when needed.

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