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Hannah Payne BSc Politics and Economics, 2004

Marketing Officer

Hannah Payne's Photo

To be taught by academics who are leaders in their fields of expertise is motivating and stimulating.

Q: Why did you choose the University of Southampton?

Choosing a university is a difficult task, with the number of courses and options for students increasing all the time. I knew that I wanted to study Economics, having connected with the subject at A level, but I did not want to restrict myself to one subject area. I was looking for a university that could offer me a combined degree to broaden my education and prepare me for the world of work.

I wanted to join a reputable university that could offer me a qualification that would be recognisable across the globe, combined with access to first-class facilities while I was studying to ensure a positive student life with plenty of activities on offer in addition to the course.

When I attended Southampton's open day I knew immediately that I would feel at home here. Beyond the academic credibility, it was a combination of a fantastic campus with brilliant facilities and living in an exciting city in the heart of the south coast.

Q: How did you find studying Politics with Economics?

There are some lecturers who are so inspiring that their lessons not only guided me in my future career decisions but their outlooks and philosophies are likely to stay with me for the rest of my life. The Issues in Third World Politics module I undertook in my second year influenced my decision to travel to Brazil and write my dissertation about the economic challenges posed by the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro.

To be taught by academics who are leaders in their fields is motivating and stimulating, and when they transfer this knowledge along with their first-hand experiences it becomes invaluable.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

After studying at the University I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in economic development. My graduation opportunely combined with Hampshire County Council seeking a recent graduate to take up a new position in their Economic Development Office which I heard about through Social Sciences.

I spent five very fulfilling years working on projects that made a difference to the communities and economies of the local area. This developed my marketing skills and I later moved on to work as communications manager at the South-East England Tourist Board before recently returning to the University of Southampton as a Marketing Officer.
What has been clear from the jobs I have had so far in my career is that a University of Southampton qualification on your CV is recognisable and impressive to potential employers. The accolade on paper has opened so many doors for me and the knowledge behind that qualification has driven me forward to take new directions.

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