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The University of Southampton
Economics Part of Economic, Social and Political Science

Recently awarded PhDs and Alumni

Recently awarded PhDs
Name Year
Thesis Title Supervisors Position
Wu, Hangjian 2020 Preferences for Air Quality Improvement in China: Evidence from Discrete Choice Experiments Dr Emmanouil Mentzakis Research Fellow of Economics at the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin
Lunzheng Li 2020 Essays in Bounded Rationality and Economic Experiments Dr Zacharias Maniadis Research Associate, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Audencia Business School
Abu Siddique 2019 Essays in Behavioral Development Economics Prof Michael Vlassopoulos Prof Michael Vlassopoulos
Post-doc, Technische Universität München
Richard Kima 2019 Essays on Financial Markets and the
Dr Michael Hatcher Research fellow, Monash
Armine Ghazaryan 2019 Aspects of Inequalities: Natives and Immigrants in the UK Prof. Jackie Wahba Research fellow, ESRC Centre for Population Change, Southampton University
Marius Strittmatter 2019 Option implied information and portfolio allocation Prof Jose Olmo Analyst at RMC Risk Management Consulting
Larissa Marioni 2019 Educational Mismatch and Labour Market Outcomes in Brazil Dr Thomas Gall Economist at NIESR and Research Associate at ESCoE
Chi Wan Cheang 2018 Three Essays in Financial Econometrics: Fractional Cointegration, Nonlinearities and Asynchronicities Prof Jose Olmo Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Liverpool
Xiaocheng Hu 2018 Management practices: incentives, team formation, and mentoring Thomas Gall Research Fellow, The European Centre for Environment & Human Health, Exeter
Andrea Giovannetti 2018 Models of Network Formation and Financial Contagion Antonella Ianni Post-doc, University of Technology Sydney
Liu Liu 2017 Three papers in economic growth and inequality Thomas Gall Assistant professor, Hunan University, China
Michael Kearns 2016 Learning and Strategic Asset Allocation Hector Calvo Pardo, Thomas Gall Research Economist at the Office of National Statistics, UK
Michele Tuccio 2016 Essays on the Economics of Migration Jackie Wahba, Hector Calvo Pardo Economic Consultant on Migration, World Bank
Katarzyna Bech 2016 On Nonparametric Additive Error Models with Discrete Regressors Grant Hillier Warsaw School of Economics, Assistant Professor
Andres Luengo 2015 Essays on the Industrial Organization of the Copper Industry Carmine Ornaghi
Carlos A. Pineda 2015 Essays on Innovation Economics Carmine Ornaghi Thames Water, Reading, UK, Regulatory Manager
Qi Zhang 2014 Game Theory on Takeover Bidding Behavior, Social Choice and Core Implement Maksymilian Kwiek
Nicholas-Joseph Lazarou 2014 Modelling Transport Costs in International Trade Jackie Wahba, Hector Calvo Pardo Research Associate, UCL
Orphe Pierre Divounguy 2014 Essays on Applications of Directed Search John A. Knowles
Mohammad Mehdi Mousavi 2014 Behavioural Economics and its Applications to Finance Antonella Ianni
Wael Alshewey 2014 Essays on GCC Financial Markets and Monetary Policies Jean-Yves Pitarakis
Ahmad Al Awadhi 2013 Trade Integration among GCC Countries Jesn-Yves Pitarakis Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Associate Research Scientist
Mauro Testaverde 2013 Emigration and Political institutions
in Sending Countries
Hector Calvo
Jackile Wahba
World Bank, Economist
Ronaldo Nazare 2013 Essays in Applied Factor Analysis with Structural Breaks Jean-Yves Pitarakis Assistant Professor, UFOP Brazil
Luis Pinedo Caro 2013 Adverse Selection and Race in the Labour Market John A. Knowles Economist, ILO, Geneva
Camillia Zedan 2013 Competition, Cascades and Connectivity: The Effects of Mergers on the Global Economy Seth Bullock, Antonella Ianni London Stock Exchange
Derya Tas 2011 Essays on Household Portfolio Choices Hector Calvo Pardo Energy Analyst at Bosphorus Gaz Corporation A.S
Juan Luis Correa Allamand 2011 Innovation and Competition: Theory and Evidence Carmine Ornaghi

Research Director at Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad Andrés Bello

Some of our Alumni
Name Year Position
Obey Al-Wattar 1987 Assistant Professor of Economics, Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul
Polycarp Musingusi 1991 Executive Director, Governor's Office, Bank of Uganda
Morten Ravn 1993 University College London, Professor
Abdul Ghafar Ismail 1994 Professor of Banking and Financial Economics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Jackline Wahba 1994 Professor of Economics, University of Southampton
Patrick Marsh 1996 University of Nottingham, Associate Professor
Muzafar Shah Habibullah 1998 Professor of Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Giovanni Forchini 1998 University of Surrey, Professor
Francesco Bravo 2000 University of York, Reader
Meera Tivari 2001
Pimpen Ladpli 2001 Economist at the Bureau of Public Debt Management, Ministry of Finance, Thailand
Manuela Pulina 2002 Researcher, CRENOS
Sugiharso Safuan 2003 Senior Lecturer/Researcher, University of Indonesia
Emmanual Pamu 2003 Special Appointee at IMF, Washington
Zheng Wang 2003 World Trade Organization
Alessandra Canepa 2003 Senior Lecturer, Brunel University
Nicoletta Pashourtidou 2003 Assistant Director, Economics Research Centre, University of Cyprus
Mokhrazinim Mokhtar 2004 Bank Rakyat, Malaysia
Grazia Rapisarda 2004 Director, Head of Credit Risk Modelling (Wholesale Risk Models) at Royal Bank of Scotland
Eleonora Patacchini 2004 Cornell University, Associate Professor
Ioannis Kasparis 2004 University of Cyprus, Associate Professor
Emanuela Lotti 2004 University of Southampton, Lecturer
Johnson Asiama 2005 Director ADB Bank, Ghana
Sheikh Selim 2005 University of Westminster, Senior Lecturer
Federico Martellosio 2006 University of Surrey, Senior Lecturer
Zulkarnain Zakaria 2006 Senior Lecturer Universiti Teknologi Mara International Business School
Rosita Chong 2006 Senior Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Normaz Wana Ismail 2007 Universiti Putra Malaysia
Abdol Samad Nawi 2007 Associate Professor and Rector of Universiti Teknologi Mara, Terengganu
John Kingdom 2007 Financial Services Authority, Economist
Chris Mukiza 2008 Director, Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Xing Wang 2009 Durham University, Lecturer
Hairong Mu 2009
Wan Azman-Saini 2009 Universiti Putra Malaysia, Head of Economics
Jurica Brajkovic 2010 Croatian Energy Institute, Economist
Greg Taylor 2010 University of Oxford, Research Fellow
Zulkefly Abdul Karim 2011 Associate Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Dayang Affizzah Awang Marikan 2011 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

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