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The University of Southampton
Economics Part of Economic, Social and Political Science

Research Groups

Research in the Department is structured around four interconnected research groups, each contributing to the Department’s aims within their own field-specific theoretical and applied paradigms. Please click on the research group headings for more information.

Applied Economics

The research interests of this group are wide ranging, encompassing topics in applied microeconomics, labour economics, development economics, economics of education, applied industrial organisation. Our aim throughout is to develop and apply state-of-the-art empirical techniques to analyse substantive empirical issues.


Since its founding in 1965, this group has earned a reputation for the excellent quality of its research on financial econometrics, time series econometrics and statistical theory. Interests range across multivariate analysis, exact distribution theory, exponential family inference, time-series modelling and methods, robust methods, explosive, unstable and regime switching models, as well as panel data models and foundational issues in inference.

Economic Theory and Experimental Economics

We have a long-standing reputation in both theoretical and applied microeconomics. Our expertise ranges from game theory and decision theory to industrial organisation, public economics, financial economics, behavioural and experimental economics.


Academics in this group focus on the analysis of entire economies and examine the system as a whole. We are currently working on macroeconomic theory, international economics, quantitative macroeconomics, and household finance.


we are one of the top economics divisions in the UK, highly respected worldwide and internationally recognised for our expertise in many fields.

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