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Eleanor Heale BSc Education and Psychology

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My time at Southampton has definitely helped to me grow as a person and I have increased my knowledge of my subjects. I am more independent and confident, have had some amazing experiences, made friends for life and have wonderful memories.

What is it like studying here?

Southampton University is a wonderful place to study. I've met some amazing people and friends for life, as well as gaining new experiences. I have had the opportunity to conduct my own research, attend modules from different degree subjects and take part in the Business Innovation Programme. I have been able to study extremely interesting modules which have helped to develop my own understanding, academic research and writing skills and confidence. Southampton University ensures the wellbeing of its students and provides a welcoming and secure atmosphere.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

My degree course is a joint honours course which has enabled me to experience two different subjects at the University of Southampton. I enjoy the varied methods of assessment and how the modules interlink sometimes but also how they contrast. Education is a slightly smaller course whilst Psychology is much larger. I enjoy these contrasting sizes, as the smaller, more intimate lectures for Education ensure a more personalised learning experience. On the other hand, the larger Psychology lectures allow you to constantly meet new people and learn from different points of view.

Did you study modules outside of your core subject area? 

Yes, I was able to take a Criminology module in the first semester of second year. I found this particularly intriguing as although I had an interest in criminology, I had never had the opportunity to study it before.

How do you rate study facilities at the University?

The facilities at the University of Southampton are excellent. The library staff are always helpful and the student life officers have been providing free food and drinks in the library at night which was very much appreciated when writing my dissertation! The SUSU building also has dance studios on the ground floor which I have used for the past two years with various dance societies. I also love how green the campus is, with its beautiful gardens and ponds.

What have been your Southampton ‘highlights’ so far?

One of the main highlights for me has been taking part in Pure Dance for the last two years. It is such a fun experience, allowing you to perform for a large audience as well as meeting new people from your own and other societies. I have danced with tap, ballet and jazz society for Pure Dance. I also enjoyed having a placement within a primary school in one of my first-year modules. This definitely allowed me to grow in confidence after starting at university, whilst also enhancing my commitment to teaching. Another highlight of my university experience has been the Business Innovation Programme which I took part in during my third year at the university. This programme gave myself and the other members of my group a business problem and we had to come up with a viable solution. I really enjoyed this experience as it did not only give me new friends, it allowed me to work on a type of problem I had never experienced before. It also enhanced my academic writing abilities, presentation skills and leadership qualities.

How has your time at Southampton helped you to grow as a person?

My time studying at the University of Southampton has definitely helped me to grow as a person. I have become more independent and confident, whilst also increasing my subject knowledge and academic abilities. I have had some amazing experiences and I will be leaving with wonderful memories and friends for life.

What opportunities has studying at Southampton provided you with?

Studying at Southampton has enabled me to successfully gain a place on a PGCE course starting a month after my graduation. Moreover, I was able to participate in the University Business Innovation Programme during the first semester of my third year. I found this experience extremely interesting and worthwhile. The programme allowed me to develop my leadership abilities as well as giving me the opportunity to liaise with clients to create a business solution.

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