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CLEAPSS Working with glass Event

CLEAPSS course
09:30 - 16:00
20 November 2017
Mathematics and Science Learning Centre, Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJD

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Mathematics and Science Learning Centre on 023 8059 8810 or email .

Event details

This practical course will provide technicians with the knowledge and skills required to make most of the simple bends, and other items required for gas preparation, in most secondary school science departments. It will also demonstrate how some items of broken glass equipment can be repaired. Suitable for: Technicians and Senior Technicians. Course led by Chris Peel.

What will the course include?

  • introduction to types of glass, their properties, uses and safe handling
  • different types of burners
  • cutting and polishing tubes and rods
  • simple glass bends and more advanced bending including double bends
  • how to safely insert/remove glass into/from bungs
  • sealing wire into glass
  • repairing glass
  • making a decorative glass bead
  • other techniques including, drawing pipettes, closing tubes, joining and blowing glass

Course Fee: £125 per person attending

This is for a full day of professional development, all CLEAPSS course resources, lunch and refreshments.

CLEAPSS courses are intended for CLEAPSS members - if you are uncertain about your membership please contact CLEAPSS on 01895 251496.  An additional charge may be payable for non-members attending courses.




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