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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

Children's Interpretations of the Meanings of Written Numerals in Everyday Life: A Phenomenographic Analysis of Qualitative Data Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
17 May 2022

Event details

The Education School invites you to attend our online research seminar! If you are interested in attending, please contact us at

We present findings from a study that examines preschool children's understandings of the meanings that written numerals have in everyday contexts. 37 preschool children and their families were invited to play a 'Number Spotting' game, take photographs of written numbers in their family environment, and share these with the research team. These photographs, as well as other images of written numbers on everyday objects and contexts were used to engage children in individual interviews.

Phenomenographic analysis of interview data reveals variations in children's interpretations of the different meanings that written numbers may have. The analysis also illustrates the different dimensions of experience that inform the meanings that children attribute to written numbers.

The findings will help educators connect the cultural, and often informal, knowledge of number that children bring to school with classroom-based mathematics.

Speaker information

Dr Charis Voutsina,Lecturer in Mathematics Education within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton.

Dr Debbie Stott, Research Fellow in the Southampton Education School.

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