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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

Resource Provision in Mainstream Schools to Promote the Education and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
29 November 2022

Event details

We present the findings of a collaborative research project on the education and inclusion of students with disabilities in three mainstream schools with resource provision classrooms (RPC). Using critical communicative methodology, we conducted reflective interviews with RP managers and parents, communicative focus groups with school staff, and communicative observations with students to understand and explain the development of RP and its impact on students with disabilities. We found that RP can function either as an inclusive service or a space in the mainstream school. We will discuss the practices and reflections of teachers, TAs, parents and students in relation to the features that influence the conceptualisation and delivery of RP and the practical implications for LEAs, school staff, parents and students. We argue that flexibility in the conceptualisation of RP either as an inclusive service or a safe space is the way forward for these students. 

Speaker information

Dr Vasilis Strogilos and Rebecca J. Ward,Southampton Education School

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