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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

Thinking with theory to reposition academic integrity Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
7 February 2023

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Policies affecting inclusion in higher education for disabled students have generally centred on widening participation in learning, by means of implementing reasonable adjustments to study programmes. While these measures have been successful, students disclosing disabilities to higher education institutions experience inequitable graduate outcomes, and systemic barriers persistently deter disabled students from entering accredited professions such as teaching or nursing.

This presentation offers two methodologically driven responses to this challenging matter. Firstly, drawing towards the importance of theory within educational research (Jackson & Mazzei, 2011)*, critical disability studies is presented as a conceptual tool for reconsidering how we understand and relate to difference and inclusion. Secondly, results from recent surveys designed to capture the views and experiences of students and academic staff from an Australian university about academic integrity is provided. Together, this work provides evidence for shifting attention to matters of coherency, introducing key concepts to clarify tensions existing between institutional aspirations and policy implementation.

*Jackson, A. Y., & Mazzei, L. (2011). Thinking with theory in qualitative research: Viewing data across multiple perspectives. Routledge.

Speaker information

Dr Ben Whitburn is Associate Professor of Education at the Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, Highfield campus. Through research and teaching, Ben concentrates on heightening equity across educational sectors by reorientating theory, policy, and pedagogy towards affirmative engagements with diverse ways of being and knowing. With a particular interest in theorising inclusive education using critical disability perspectives, Ben draws on innovative and critical methodologies to develop and deliver programs of research and teaching that are centred on the voices of those affected by disability and other intersectional diversities who are subject to ongoing inequities.

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