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Nicholas Marco-Wadey MSc Education Management and Leadership

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Hi, I'm Nicholas Marco-Wadey and I studied MSc Education Management and Leadership within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton.

The MSc in education provides many diverse pathways which are perfect for any individual looking to gain or enhance their understanding about educational issues that really matter to them

Why did you choose to study at Southampton?

As I self-funded my masters it was crucial for me to pick an institution that would really add value to my professional development. I picked the University of Southampton as it has a great reputation not only with employers but also with fellow students and academics in England and similarly all over the world. As Southampton is in the Russell Group this gave me more confidence that this university could provide me with the research skills I needed to be successful both throughout my master’s degree and in my career.

What is your opinion about the University’s efforts to increase the flexibility of degree programmes and introduce more choice for personalised learning?

The MSc in education provides many diverse pathways which are perfect for any individual looking to gain or enhance their understanding about educational issues that really matter to them. As my work experience in education was minimal before entering this course, I particularly valued the fact that the compulsory modules provided all students with necessary information required to gain a good foundation and holistic understanding of educational matters that are the backbone of any education system.

Where do you work and what is your job role?

I always aspired to work in local government and that is why I chose the education management and leadership pathway. Upon attaining my bachelors from a different Russell group university I did work experience in local government however I found that I was missing that little bit extra that would help me attain a graduate entry job in local government. In these tough economic times studying a public sector management related degree such as the masters in education management and leadership helped me get a place in a local government graduate entry level job as it displayed I had a commitment and understanding to work within a public sector organization. I am now currently working within the health commissioning team and my job is to work with healthcare providers to deliver high quality healthcare provision within my county.

How has the programme impacted your job role and what skills/knowledge do you find useful?

My job requires me to have research skills to explore topics related to public sector management and healthcare provision. Conducting this master’s degree has provided me these research skills by providing lectures and assessment that have helped develop my understanding of a range of different effective research methods. The modules provided within this course have also provided me with the perfect insight into managing and leading public sector functions such as education. These modules have great transferability to a whole range of public sector functions as the principles behind management and leadership are largely identical across all public sector contexts.

Have the tutors/academics been supportive and inspiring?

The tutors and academics are all fantastic in the support and insights they offer. What I liked most about my experience with the staff on this course is that they are all very passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach and it makes for a great learning environment not only in the classroom but also outside of the classroom through learning via wiki’s and blackboard interaction. The teaching faculty is made up of a diverse group of academics and therefore the students are exposed to a whole range of valuable insights from education professionals that have experience across a number of different fields in education.

What are your plans for the future?

My journey on this particular master’s degree has really filled me with a sense of empowerment to enhance my future in local government and make a difference to the residents within my community. I have a real passion for public sector management and I feel that a PhD in public sector management alongside the experience I will learn in my work place will really enhance my future chances of a leadership role within local government.

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