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Ms Sara Almeida 

Postgraduate research student

Ms Sara Almeida's photo

Ms Sara Almeida is Postgraduate research student within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton.

My involvement with the Sports area dates back to the time when I started the secondary school. Instead of devoting my time watching TV or playing games like the rest of my friends, I was much more fascinated in running, swimming, gymnastics, etc. I always had the best grade when it comes to PE. At the time I was 16, I choose the area of physical education and sports in the secondary school a long side with swimming in a local club. 

The choice to continue study Physical Education and Sports at University Instituto Superior da Maia in Portugal, with a specialization in Physical Fitness and Condition thus emerged quite naturally. When I started my classes at the university my Athletics teacher (who is also a Coach) asked me if I was interested in attending to one training, he said I had good sprinter skills. And so I did. That’s how I start running for F.C.Porto.

After that, and alongside with the university I did 2 Athletics coaching courses and 1 athletics judge course. During an intense five year program I started getting knowledge about different areas like, Introduction to Physical Education, Anthropology, Anatomy – Physiology, Developmental Psychology, Pedagogic Practise, Games and Sport Theory, Sociology of Education, Physiology of Movement, Elements of Statistics, Biomechanics, Methodology of Physical Recreation, Methodology of Dance, comparative Studies - Physical Education and Sport , Physical Condition and Health, Theory of Sport Development, Pedagogic Project, etc.

As a result of my academic performance I always was considered when of the best students in my academic year. I always tried to do my best as a student and as an athlete. But my most significant academic experience was yet to come – my final project and my teacher training as an undergraduate would become the most successful demonstration of my ability.

In my last year I started my Teacher Training in a secondary school, alongside with my dissertation. I choose to do my dissertation in the area of sports Psychology (leadership). As the result of all the effort that I put into my research, when I’ve defended my thesis the members of the jury gave me a 19 grade (scale 0 to 20). Regarding my teacher Training my grade was 18.

My dissertation supervisor was also very happy, but he always made cleared that this was just the beginning that I needed to keep going to a higher stage; he told me that I had the skills, competence and knowledge to go further. He also asked me if I was interested in righting an article about my dissertation and enrols it in a sports congress in Spain (Facultad de Ciencias del Deporte y la Educación Física de la Universidade da Coruña) that was going to take place between 7 and 9 of May 2009. I was very happy when he told me that my work was accepted.

After I finished my course I’ve started to teach PE in a primary school. Alongside with that I was an athletics coach in two different clubs, F.C. Porto and Associação de Amizade São Pedro de Rates and I also was teaching basketball in a nursery school. In January 2009 I moved to England with the purpose of doing my PhD here. I start working as a Supply PE teacher for the company ITN mark education.

My research is about “What makes up cohesion in the coach- athlete relationship”. As far as long-term professional goals are concerned, after completing my PhD I intend to become a teacher at graduate level in a university and also continue a career in research.

Research interests

MPhil/PhD (part-time): Athletes, coaches and non-sport related people's perceptions about coaches' behaviour

Supervisors: Dr John Schulz, Professor Anthony Kelly 

Ms Sara Almeida
Southampton Education School University of Southampton Building 32 Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom
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