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Our impact

The Southampton Education School is proud of the impact it is having in wider society. In the REF 2021 Southampton Education School saw 89% of its research activity rated as internationally excellent or of world-leading quality. 100% of the School’s impact was rated as internationally excellent or of world leading quality.

Below we feature examples of ways in which our research is changing the world for the better and impacting on the lives of people in the UK and around the globe.

Teacher with children
Improving mathematics education

Enhancing mathematics education through classroom resources, professional development and policy

Research undertaken within the Mathematics, Science and Health Education research centre (MSHE) at the University of Southampton has contributed to improving mathematics education worldwide through the use of classroom resources and teacher professional development.

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Teenagers in the classroom
Inspiring health-related changes among teenagers

LifeLab: inspiring positive health-related changes among teenagers

Our research into the importance of socio-scientific issues in formal science education, coupled with the evidence that shows lifestyle choices from a young age can impact on future health, led to the formation of LifeLab, a novel hospital and school-based education programme that empowers young people to make positive lifestyle choices for their physical and mental health.

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Children in the classroom
Inclusive and participatory models of research

Promoting inclusion for marginalised groups and individuals

We have developed and applied inclusive and participatory models of research that place marginalised people and their perspectives at the centre, leading to changed teaching practices and improved quality of life for these groups.

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Helping people with learning disabilities
Helping people with learning disabilities to be heard (REF 2014)

Techniques for Helping people with learning disabilities to be heard

A technique developed by a Southampton academic has radically challenged approaches to working with people with severe learning disabilities. The Intensive Interaction technique has improved the quality of life for huge numbers of people and laid the foundations for a body of research that continues to generate impact today.

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autism community research network
autism community research network

The Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton [ACoRNS]

The Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton [ACoRNS] is a highly successful and flourishing interdisciplinary research group in the Schools of Education and Psychology. Launched in June 2017 with funding from the University’s Public Engagement with Research unit [ PERu ], ACoRNS is a research-practice partnership that aims to improve the lives of autistic children and young people within education.

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Agreed goals are essential for partnerships
Improving educational effectiveness (REF 2014)

Ways of Improving Educational Effectiveness and Quality

Educational effectiveness and improvement research by the University of Southampton has made a major contribution to the design and implementation of educational policy and practice at both national and international levels.

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People working together outdoors
Improving apprenticeships (REF 2014)

Ways of Improving the quality of apprenticeships

Research by academics at Southampton Education School has helped improve the quality of apprenticeships across the country and has informed vocational and education training policy at the highest level.

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