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Research project: An upstream evaluation of the prototype coaching e-books that will form part of Oxford Reading Buddy: Their use by teachers and their impact upon pupils.

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Oxford Reading Buddy is a global online digital reading service developed by Oxford University Press (OUP). The service consists of a number of elements but one core aspect is a collection of newly written e-books that incorporate a digital ‘reading buddy’.

Dates: 2018-2019

This evaluation informed the development of the Oxford Reading Buddy service by documenting how the prototype coaching e-books could be implemented in schools while assessing their potential impacts via a clustered Randomized Control Trial (RCT).  322 Year 1 and Year 5 pupils in England were tracked during the 2018/19 school year as they started using the prototype e-books under the guidance of the OUP developers. The RCT used a mixed method approach that coupled researcher-administered questionnaires that assessed pupils’ reading activities and attitudes to reading (pre- and post- the e-books being introduced) with teacher interviews and classroom observations to produce a detailed understanding of how the e‑books were implemented and used.  The results of the evaluation were used to inform the development of the final online digital reading service with documentation of this impact published online.

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Find out more about how the evaluation shaped the development of the Oxford Reading Buddy Service

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