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Research project: European Network for Environmental Citizenship through formal and informal education (ENEC) Cost Action

Currently Active: 

The ENEC Cost Action project (CA16229) started in 2017 and is running until 2021. It aims to enable scientific developments in the field of Environmental Citizenship and specifically, conceptualising Education for Environmental Citizenship, its implications and applications to educational settings across phases.  Good examples and best educational practices leading to pro-environmental attitudes, behaviour and values are also highlighted and promoted.  

The ENEC research network involves 130 academics from 36 different countries.

For further information on the project’s current activities please see the project web page


Gericke, N., Huang, L., Knippels, M.C., Christodoulou, A., van Dam, F. & Gasparovic, S.  (2020). Environmental Citizenship in secondary formal education. The importance of curriculum and subject teachers. In: A. Hadjichambis, D. Hadjichambis, P. Reis, J. Cincera, J. Boeve-de Pauw, N. Gericke & M.C. Knippels (Eds), Conceptualizing Environmental Citizenship for 21st century education. Springer: Cham Switzerland, (pp. 193-212). 

Christodoulou, A., & Levinson, R. (2019). Short country Report – United Kingdom. In Hadjichambis, A., Reis, P. & Paraskeva-Hadjichambi D. (Eds). European SWOT Analysis on Education for Environmental Citizenship. Lisbon: Institute of Education, University of Lisbon. 

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