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Research project: How should education be provided to children and young people with autism to prepare them for good adult outcomes? (Parsons) - Dormant - Dormant

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This project ran from January - July 2011.

Whilst much research focuses on the educational needs and experiences of children on the autism spectrum; there is limited research that focuses on adults. This commissioned research was funded by the Autism Education Trust (£80,000) to explore current educational targets and assessments used within schools for children on the autism spectrum in England, and how well these prepare children for life beyond school. The project used a range of methods (focus groups, survey, interviews) to include the views of over 1000 stakeholders including children and adults with autism, their families, and education professionals. The research found that schools and services need to take into account a range of aspirations and should not make assumptions about these based on what may be ‘typical’ for some; for example, employment and independence were desirable aspirations for some people but this was not true for all. This reinforces the need to ensure that individuals and their families are regularly consulted about their aspirations so that potential outcomes can be appropriately identified and targeted.

The full report and the executive summary can be downloaded here:

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