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Research project: On-the-job training in apprenticeship in England - Dormant

Currently Active: 

This was a small-scale study into the extent and quality of on-the-job training received by apprentices in England. The research was funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, London.

The variable quality of apprenticeship in England has been well documented. While recent reforms have been introduced to enhance the off-the-job element of apprenticeship, there is little regulation concerning on-the-job training.

The aim of the study was to gain an insight into the extent, content and nature of the on-the-job training received by apprentices at Levels 2 and 3, compared with entry-level employees going for the same job. In particular, we sought to identify the elements that are distinctive about on-the-job training in apprenticeships and about those delivering this training.

The research was conducted across five contrasting sectors: Engineering and Construction (sectors that have traditionally provided apprenticeships and where high quality provision is found), Retail and Social Care (where apprenticeships are a relatively new phenomenon and training provision is often poor), and Digital (also a new sector for apprenticeship but generally at the higher end of quality provision).








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