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Research project: Responding to diversity by engaging with students’ voices: A strategy for teacher development

Currently Active: 

The central aim of the project was to create an innovative approach to in-service teacher development. This aims to support teachers in developing inclusive classroom practices by engaging the views of students in such a way as to ensure that personal and social circumstances – for example, gender, socio-economic status and ethnic origin – are not an obstacle to participation and learning. The approach links three main elements – responding to diversity, the use of ‘lesson study’ and listening to students’ voices.

Dates: 2011- 2014

Five universities and eight secondary schools worked together as active partners within the project. These represented three countries – the UK, Spain and Portugal. 

The project involved the use of two cycles of collaborative action research and led to the development of a strategy for teacher development.

The evidence from the project schools is that the strategy does work and that it can be a practical benefit both to teachers and to their students. The project has produced a video, a guide and accounts of practice in five languages, all available for free download from the project website.


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