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After your Needs Assessment

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Your chosen Needs Assessment Centre will provide you with information on the next steps. However, we have summarised the process below. 


In the 2 weeks (10 working days) following your needs assessment meeting: 

1. Your Needs Assessor writes a report. 
2. (Optional) You review a draft of the report. 
3. Your assessment centre emails the final report to you and your funding body. 

In the following 4-6 weeks:

4. Your funding body reviews the report. 
5. Your funding body sends you a DSA2 letter, confirming what support they will provide.

Last but not least...

6. You contact the supplier(s) listed on your DSA2 letter. The contact details you will need to do this can be found in the DSA2 letter.

If you are having any difficulty arranging the support outlined in your DSA2 letter, please contact a member of the Student Disability and Inclusion team who will be able to assist you.


Students looking at a laptop

Buying your PC / laptop

Most students will be required to pay the first £200 which is the minimum cost that any student is likely to incur when buying a computer.

The University of Southampton have agreed to reimburse this cost if your assessed household income is below £30,000 per year. Entitlement will be checked using either the Student Finance England’s Household Income Assessment Portal or through a referral for a Student Support Fund Assessment. 

Criteria for entitlement:

Please note that if the cost of the computer is under £200 (entry level) the University will pay the value of the computer recommended.

Those that believe they meet the above criteria or would like more detail regarding this scheme should contact the Student Disability and Inclusion team in the first instance.

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