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Common problems

These short videos have been created to help University staff increase their awareness of common mental health problems, which affect one in six people at any time.

If you think a student may have a mental health problem, you should contact the University's Enabling Services. Only a medically qualified health care professional such as a GP can make a diagnosis.

Staff who will benefit from watching the videos include Personal Academic Tutors, Senior Tutors, Faculty-based administrative and Student Services staff, and anyone who may engage with students in the course of their work.

The introductory video explains what is meant by common mental health problems and the aims and scope of the video suite.






Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life and is usually temporary. If a state of anxiety persists for days or weeks, it can have serious consequences.





Stress is a catch-all word that we commonly use to describe a number of problems. It is a normal part of our lives and can never be completely removed. However, student life seems to magnify certain stresses such as exams and being away from home.



Depression is a term that we use to describe being low in mood. Low mood is usually a temporary state and is often in response to circumstances. When low mood becomes constant then it may have become depression.

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