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More common problems

More information about common mental health problems is presented here.

If you think a student may have a mental health problem, you should contact the University's Enabling Services. Only a medically qualified health care professional such as a GP can make a diagnosis.


Panic is a word often used to describe anxiety or fear.  True panic is a state of heightened anxiety or physical arousal that occurs without warning, which may last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.




The symptoms of more severe mental health problems vary from individual to individual.  What we have done here is to put together a basic overview and then some signs as to when urgent steps need to be taken, and how you might do this.




Summary. Stress, anxiety and depression are common among students, and more details on these problems can be found on this site. Our videos introduce you to some of the signs of potential mental health problems. Treat all students with care, listening and instilling some hope.  



Our advisors can help students access services with high success rates both internally and externally to the University. Please contact us for more information.

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