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Information for staff

At some stage during your career at the University you are likely to encounter a student who is experiencing mental health problems. As many as one in four students may experience mental health problems at some point while at university.

Supporting students with mental health problems

The Equality Act (2010) places a duty on us as a University to take into account the needs and circumstances of students who experience mental health problems. Such problems may prevent students from accessing the learning resources of the University, for example by making it difficult to attend lectures or sit exams. Support and reasonable adjustments must be put in place to ensure that students with mental health problems are not disadvantaged.

Support available

Enabling Services advisors are able to assess students who may be experiencing mental health problems and will signpost them to the best form of support such as a GP, other NHS service or counsellor.

The University also has documents and guidance for staff who are supporting students with mental health problems. These include:

Awareness of common mental health problems

We recommend that academic, Faculty and Student Services staff watch our short videos, designed to help with recognition of the signs of some common mental health problems. These video aids are not in any way a guide to diagnosis, but will help staff recognise when there might be a problem.

Getting help for a student

If you think that a student may be experiencing mental health problems, it is important to signpost the student to someone who is trained to assess their needs. Please contact Enabling Services so that we can support both you and the student.

Student Mental Health & Wellbeing support

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