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Mental health problems

We recognise that many students can experience problems that affect their mental and emotional wellbeing, and we aim to identify the best form of mental health support for each student who contacts us. Here you can find advice on a range of common problems and resources and contacts to support you.

Everyone experiences anxiety and low mood from time to time, and this is normal. But if the problems associated with anxiety and low mood or depression last continuously for at least two weeks, you may need to see a mental health professional. We can help arrange an appointment for you.

If you have panic attacks that come out of the blue you should see a health professional. We can help direct you to the best form of support.

There is always going to be some degree of pressure when you are at University, but some students tell us about feeling overwhelmed by stress. Intense feelings and thinking about being stressed all the time can make it difficult to study effectively, and you may have difficulty sleeping. If this seems to be happening to you, it may mean that you need help, so please contact us.

Problems around eating are known to occur often among students. If you are experiencing a problem of this kind, please contact us via the daily drop-in, or phone to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners.

Feeling low is a normal part of life, and usually passes as our personal circumstances change. However, if low mood continues for at least two weeks, you might be depressed. Thoughts of self-harm or suicide are not uncommon when a person is experiencing a period of low mood or depression. We recognise that such thoughts and the feelings associated with them are frightening and real. If this is happening to you, we recommend that you seek help. If you are making plans to harm yourself then please speak to someone immediately, such as your GP, the Samaritans or the University's Out of Hours service on +44 (0) 23 8059 2811 (22811 internal).


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